Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tragedy or triumph?


New Scientist article from fluffy pseudo-scientist with a very positive message. I can't help but feel slightly sceptical. Especially when there's these sort of exchanges going on. My own personal gripe is with the first"i": Information. Van Vugt seems to think that if information is just made available to people then they will act upon it rationally and Western Democracy will give birth to Ecotopia. This ignores that little thing called "teh interweb" which currently supplies answers to pretty much any question you want to ask. The problem is that, unless you are dedicated enough to the pursuit of objective truth, it can also simply reinforce any and all of a peasant's prejudices. I am not in the least ashamed to voice my honest opinion that the vast majority of decisions made by humans across the globe are based upon misinformation, delusion and prejudice. Raising all children to be committed free thinkers is a goal which continues to elude our society to this day. The majority of the general public are still anally retentive, bigoted fucktards. Maybe Van Vugt should apply a little of his pseudo-science to this problem before trying to convince us that he's found a solution to all humanity's environmental problems.

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