Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Richard Alleyne is a lying piece of shit


He has turned an MSc student's unpublished research (she hasn't even submitted her thesis!) into a torrent of lies about how women who dress provocatively, are outgoing and get drunk incite men to rape them. Ben Goldacre did his thing and revealed it all to be a pack of misogynistic lies. Alleyne and his editor should be pilloried for their role in demonising women.


  1. Actually, he's just not very bright, badly informed and way out of his depth. I'm not convinced he even realises how serious his misinterpretation of the data was. Sad, but an excellent reason for not reading the Daily Telegraph. It's a shame though, their Sports coverage is actually quite good.

  2. In Ben's words:

    "This was a litany of errors, on a very sensitive issue, based, laughably, on an unfinished dissertation by a masters student. . . . . Every one of their key assertions was factually incorrect, as the student who did the work explained two weeks ago."


    Calling Alleyne "not very bright" and badly informed" is an apology for his incompetence. With gaffs like this the guy should not be writing articles full stop. Likewise, his editor should not be working in publishing. They are not "way out of their depth", they are actively perverting evidence and claiming the complete opposite to what it actually shows. That is called lying.


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