Sunday, July 12, 2009

electoral obstruction in Norwich


It looks like Craig is getting a steady stream of petty obstacles and even blatant barricades thrown into the path of his election campaign efforts in Norwich. I cannot decide whether I prefer him or the green candidate, Rupert Read. The best of luck to both of them! (via Rossinisbird)


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  2. Read is a cranky arsehole with strange ideas about science and very unsavoury opinions about the Jews, and who has a history of harassing other candidates. Voting for him would be like voting for David Icke.

    Choose Craig Murray. He tells the truth, not the "troof".

  3. "For many years a member of PETA & VIVA, and of the Green Party Animal Rights group."

    Uh-oh . . . .alarm bells start ringing!

    "Frequent participant in demos over the years at places such as Huntingdon Life Sciences."

    See! See! He's a cancer-advocating bunny-cuddler!

    "He is currently Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, specialising in philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and environmental philosophy"

    . . . . . eh?

    That is a bizarre contradiction. A lecturer in the philosophy of science who rejects animal testing. Mental. Utterly mental.

    I don't know what you're referring to with the unsavoury opinions on jews. When I google ["Rupert Read" jew] I don't get anything vaguely unsavoury. I do get a page from his blog where he's reproduced a great MediaLens post contrasting the media's reporting of Israeli and Palestinian deaths but that is very savoury indeed.

  4. Hi Punka

    He has many appealing policies but goes and fucks it up with many appalling ones.

    If these guilt-ridden hairshirts just kept the lefty/liberal stuff and ditched the post-modern quackery, anti-stem-cell research stuff and the like, (and arguably had a more sensible name) they would surely make huge strides in public perception of them, which would hopefully turn into votes.

    Read wrote about the 'holocaust' of eating meat. Ouch. Daft cunt. And involved with the Huntingdon protests? Nah. Shame though.

    Re his Israel stance:


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