Wednesday, July 15, 2009

comment of the year on CiF


This is brilliant:

" Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, which bankrupted thousands, worked so well because no one knows how to read financial records"

Bernie Madoff is not the only one with a Ponzi scheme and certainly not the most wicked one. Madoff's victims had a choice.

Compare that with the Ponzi scheme called National Insurance that successive governments have run. We all contributed to it in the belief that we would be looked after when we become frail and feeble. Successive governments took the money and wasted on their pet schemes instead of creating a fund to protect us. Now they say the cupboard is bare and have today tabled their idea for a new Ponzi Scheme.

The moral of the story is be it Madoff or the government we elect, they rely on our gullibility. At least Madoff got punished for his crime.

All that's missing is the observation that the uk government is shit.


  1. Admittedly it's a stupid comment (NI is simply another word for 'extra income tax', has been at least as long as I've been alive, and anyone who doesn't believe NI is simply another word for 'income tax' is either mad or thick) - but it's not even the most insane thing I've read on CiF *today*, never mind this year...

    (see the immigration thread where Phil Woolas says appalling things, and then a coterie of gibbering maniacs attack him for being Too Soft, for example)

  2. John, I was endorsing the comment. I'd never thought about the point of National Insurance before and I experienced an epiphany when confronted with the analogy of a ponzi scheme. That NI is just a different flavour of income tax to the government is another reason why they're so shit. They're meant to work with our best interests at heart and NI sounds like just the sort of scheme that I'd like in place to ensure a good standard of care for me throughout my life and into my disgraceful old age. That such a fundamentally wise program has been diverted, as the commenter says, to "successive governments' pet schemes" is more than a little damning of our political system. Its that sort of glaring dysfunction that people should be reminded of when they visit the ballot box as the two main parties are so guilty of perpetuating this fraud down the years and anyone who votes for them is endorsing such sociopathy.

    I didn't even bother with the Phil Woolas thread. I haven't the energy to cope. I'm always amazed at how people like Anton and The Sun Lies crew can stomach pages and pages of utter tripe. God, I find CiF sickeningly bigoted most days although there are a few bright sparks.


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