Monday, June 08, 2009

in case anyone didn't notice, UKIP are just as much racist cunts as the BNP- and they have a MUCH bigger share of the vote


Via Monsieur Band comes this interesting exchange involving one Andrew Hickey. Nice work.

Of particular interest to anyone who doubts UKIPs closet racism is the text of this speech.


  1. I don't see any racism in that speech. Being opposed to unlimited immigration does not make somebody a racist by default. If that was the case then almost every countries laws outside the EU would be racist which is clearly not the case.

  2. “Suppressing our Christian heritage in order to appease minority groups is unacceptable.”

    If you don't think that's a racist comment, you're a halfwit.

  3. Thanks John. Saved me the bother.

    I might also highlight the following passage to our anonymous commenter:

    "A few such as Enoch Powell questioned the wisdom of allowing this to happen but were shouted down as racists. However, the increase in racial tension and the rise of militant Islamic groups prove that his fears were justified."

    That sort of off-hand endorsement of Powell is definitely racist. So fuck you. With bells on.

    I'm not saying that the speech is entirely out of order. Like Hitler, Stalin and all the rest of history' monsters there are often threads of rationality running through their policies, buried beneath the xenophobia and sociopathy. I hate multiculturalism as well. I am an avowed internationalist and humanist who believes everyone has the same rights (most of which are enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). That doesn't mean that you can jump onto a reactionary bandwagon as a response to society's ills. That is just lazy, anti-democratic wankery. Solutions should be just, humane and fair and really ought to include such outrageous suggestions as halting our sale of weapons to states that then use them to generate civil wars, resulting in the mass exodus of refugees, ending our own crusades against brown people across the globe and removing all the barriers to development that we currently support in the various global fuckyounomic forums.

  4. didn't you know?
    it's a voter conspiracy to get all the fuckwits out of the country and then put up border controls.


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