Monday, May 18, 2009

vote Green


Caroline will tell you why:

"The one thing we have that the other parties do not have is a political integrity. No one thinks you join the Green party because you're politically ambitious, or have your own agenda."

I'm eternally frustrated to hear people brand the Greens as "ideologues" and unrealistic. If any model of government is unrealistic, its that of the grey parties. Government' are meant to look after the short AND the long-term interests of the nation. How is presiding over increases in equality, an economic collapse and an abject failure to seriously address climate change sustainable? Funny how the Chairman of the government's Sustainable Development Commission is a member of the Green Party. That should tell people something.


  1. Hey Punka,

    pity about a lot of their anti science dogma?

    I mean some of the cunts are still banging on about homeopathy, vaccinations and stopping all animal research.

    Nice people though. If a bit fascistic and patronising (like one of those middle-class twats you meet and want to punch cos they talk to you as if you've never read a book)

  2. You're dead right about the antiscience bit. Eg.

    But I assure you that those people are not leading the party. If you check out their manifesto you will see that they advocate research into alternatives to animal research but state that there is currently no practical alternative until one is developed.

    Its an obvious point that no party is perfect. If there was a punkscience party it would probably have a nationwide membership of a couple of hundred people and my vote for it would be wasted. However, compared to the mass fuckyounomic delusions, sociopathy and ecological nihilism of the grey parties, the green's look like some sort of political nirvana to me. Yes, some can be a bit stuffy and preachy but that's because we think we're right. Don't expect us to be nice to you just to get your vote. We believe in informed democracy, not some grovelling form of servile vote-sponging, pandering to people's prejudice, ignorance and bigotry.


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