Monday, May 11, 2009

"I can now safely say that the policing of the G20 protests was politicised with the intent to incite rioting"


A stunning piece of review and analysis. I am gobsmacked. I too, always swerve away from claims of police conspiracy and agents provocateurs at demonstrations. Hard evidence so rarely emerges of such action that I generally consider such claims to be pushing outrage and incense that little bit too far. Here though, as Monsieur Publican reveals, we have not just the usual, lone eyewitness report but the corroboratory account of a Member of Parliament who was in the midst of the protest at the time. Predictably, a Met spokesperson said:
"We would never deploy officers in this way or condone such behaviour."
To which the obviously reply is: "Ian Tomlinson".

This affair throws new light on the depths the UK police are prepared to plumb in pursuit of political goals: Either those of straightforward agitation and provocation to produce reasons to continue funding and expansion of intelligence and anti terrorist units, or more subversive, authoritarian and antidemocratic goals demonisation and criminalisation of public dissent. Either way, this is seriously Fucked Up.

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