Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the Catholic church are all cunts


You know what this is about. I will link to this and this as evidence to support my statement.


  1. The catholic church is just a brainwashing institution with child bum-raping priests that take it up the shitter!
    The pope is a fucking gobshite that needs to shut the fuck up with his stupid fucktarted idealogies!
    As for jesus....I would say i hate him but i don't even know who the fuck he is so that wouldn't be very fair now would it?? Perhaps he was the first person to take it up the shit pipe?

  2. The Catholic Church claim to be pure and good well that is a load of shit for a start. The church backed the Nazis in WWII, they caused fucking holy wars with different countries because they didn't believe in what the Church wanted them to and they are a bunch of mass murdering rapists who killed innocent men and women during the Salem witch trials because they were pagan. Well fucking newsflash most of the catholic holidays are stolen from the pagans: Christmas, Easter, Halloween. They have more blood on their hands than anyone.


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