Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the rise of the antichrist


I simply cannot begin to contemplate New Labour's chutzpah. I am dumbstruck. As Craig points out in the comments, Gordon Brown would have had the only effective veto over this as the EU wouldn't have accepted a candidate without the support of their own government.


Galvanised now by the realisation of what this would entail I link here to a previously mentioned petition against Blair's candidacy. I implore anyone reading this to consider signing it in light of this maniac's conduct. Also, please consider signing this petition calling on both the President of the United Nations General Assembly and the UK Attorney General to indict Blair for his crimes.

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  1. I'm not surprised - I predicted Blair for El Presidenté when he announced he was stepping down from his role as Il Duché. The only other job he could go for was Pope but that's taken by a Nazi.

    Oops, former Nazi.


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