Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more evidence of unprovoked police violence at the G20 protests


As reported by the Guardian and Indymedia and now on YouTube. The attacker was this officer, with a Northern accent who was easily 15 stone, 6 foot and not displaying his number:

As shown in the video (fast forward to 3:30) he first pushes the woman, who barely comes up to his chest, away and when she protests, strikes her backhand across the face. She, understandably, goes mental at him. He responds by drawing his baton and striking her on the leg, at which point the crowd surges forwards at him and he makes a sharp retreat, leaving his fellow officers to face the wrath of the crowd.

Comments on the Indymedia article indicate that he is an officer at the Territorial Support Group who used to work for FIT. Although someone managed to make a tentative ID I'm not convinced as its a partial image so I won't post it here. FIT Watch don't seem to have a shot of anyone who looks like him either.

Addition 15/04/09:

The officer has been identified and suspended following the publication of the video. Nice.

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