Monday, April 13, 2009

the logical outcome of a policy of aggression


BenSix has a post up analysing UK foreign policy with respect to the Af-Pak region. Apparently the UK's first Muslim MP, Sadiq Khan, is getting a kicking over at the Armchair Racists' Convention (also known as Harry's Place). The concise version of this post is that the US's policy of remote strikes from drones flying over the region is doing for Pakistanis what Shock And Awe did for the Iraqis. I.E. generating widespread fear and loathing of the Western Coalition in Afghanistan- NOT just the US. The idea being that the UK should do more to differentiate the US's policy of killing brown people and our own, completely different policy of killing people brown in the hope that the brown people won't perceive us as being responsible and try to return the favour. Hmmmmmmmmm . . . . .

There's a great article up on ZNet about the future of warfare and the drones. The Cyberdyne Systems 800 Series is only a generation away . . . .

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