Wednesday, April 01, 2009

hypocrisy, thy name is Unite


I still get the Unite newsletter, despite leaving the union in protest after only a few, short months of membership. My reasons for leaving were their support for, amongst other things, nuclear power and the third runway and the Labour Party (in no specific order). Anyway, the headline story in the newsletter states:
"Tens of thousands of people converged on central London last Saturday as anger over corporate greed, wholesale market failure and environmental disaster threatens to boil over."
This strikes me as utterly hypocritical, seeing as the Union wholeheartedly supports diversion of useful funds for the installation of renewable generation to nuclear power stations and third runways and also unquestioningly support Labour at every election without any regard for that party's history of wars of aggression, failure to combat climate change, corruption, etc. etc. (you know how this rant goes). Furthermore, the "corporate greed" and "wholesale market failure" were direct products of Labour's cheek-spreading acceptance of the corporate cock since 1997.

Just thought I'd point that out.


  1. I'm glad untie aren't fucking me over for a tenner a month.

  2. Me too! It seemed like such a good idea at the time but after a few months watching that money go out and seeing what they did with it I really started to get Pissed Off.


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