Saturday, April 18, 2009

fuck the police


Because of this and this.


  1. Some dick at the top of the IPCC is calling for a 'national debate' about policing demos.

    Here my opening gambit:

    "Don't hit women with batons, push over men going about their lawful business or smack someone in the head with shield would be a good start. Don't allow the police to wear balaclavas and obscure their numbers."

  2. Too right, my friend. Too bloody right. Its just so bloody poignant that the only reason that tactics are changing is because technology now allows protesters to capture footage of police assaults in progress. The same tactics have been deployed by the filth for decades and charges have rarely been brought because it was always the protesters' word against the pigs. And you now how that one's going to play out.

    I saw a comment somewhere recently pointing out that as pigs can now confiscate your cameras and deleted pictures they don't like- itself a crime if there is evidence of assault in those pictures- then you can still recover files from the camera with retrieval software if you don't take any more pictures and overwrite the original data. It may have been the same thread but there was another suggestion to have footage streamed straight from cameras to remote servers where it couldn't be destroyed. All these ideas are revolutionising legitimate protest and you can tell how much the government and its porcine enforcers hate it by the escalating authoritarianism they feel they have to deploy to maintain their weakening grip on power. In its turn this gambit is sure to fail as public opinion- which, with the assistance of propaganda outlets like the Sun and the Mail has always favoured the bashing of protesters- begins to experience revulsion at the blatant thuggery of the riot police which they have previously not been exposed to.


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