Monday, April 06, 2009

even the CBI thinks the UK's climate change and renewable generation policies are a useless sack of shit


You know how this goes: Preditably, the CBI are not complaining about the government's failure to invest in wave and tidal power, supergrids or a Green New Deal No. Instead they are advocating completely useless action in their own "road map", putting nuclear generation and carbon capture and sequestration at the top of their list as well as calling for new coal plants to be built without carbon capture. The wankers.

At least there's some choice words in there from the director general of the UK Renewable Energy Association:
"Given all the rhetoric on the Green New Deal and Green Tech, it is astonishing that the renewables industry has received no dedicated support - even in areas that don't cost extra money . . . . As so little has been done, the last opportunity comes in this month's budget. Other countries have already committed huge stimulus monies to their renewables industries while we have nothing, so the UK industry is now at a serious competitive disadvantage."

There's also some nice words in Alan Rusbridger's editorial that sum the consequences of the fuckyounomic crisis for climate change and sustainable development neatly:
"Markets do not ever do the long term especially well, but they get particularly myopic during a crisis."
He's got another nice, punchy line on the outcome of the G20:
"[A] summit that was supposed to define the terms on which the world economy is to be rebuilt has ducked the toughest challenge - how to reconcile prosperity with environmental security."
This is, plainly and simply, another call for the UK government to pull its head out of its arse and engage in a Green New Deal. The conservative wankers and corporate whores out there whining and bitching about how this will elevate our national debt to astronomical levels should be slapped firmly around the head and reminded that it will also see the chances of our society surviving without massive hardship in the coming decades increase also. Denying the inevitable consequences of climate change should be a crime. As Rusbridger implies, Gidden's paradox is a bitch and the only way around it is via state-sanctioned and supported action. The private sector has no role to play in planning for the future security of our society.

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