Friday, March 20, 2009

why does the New Statesman continue to embrace war criminals?


They have an edition guest-edited by Alistair Campbell and featuring a cover stoy by the same war criminal wanking over how Labour are still a political force in the UK (surprise, surprise!). Other features include Tony Blair claiming that everyone should "do god".

I can't begin to voice my disgust.


Apparently neither can Suzanne Moore, who has quit over this disgusting episode. Just a shame she chose the Mail on Sunday as the platform from which to launch her condemnation.
"What was I expecting? A gold watch? A revolution? Peace on Earth? No, simply that some sort of principles were adhered to. The New Statesman fiercely opposed the Iraq War and yet now hands over the reins to someone key in orchestrating that conflict."

Addition - 23/03/09:

A wonderful comment from "Lester Jones" on this CiF article on the subject, which I encourage you to read in full.

"Blair's article on religion is also uninspiring editorially, we all know the man is committed to his belief system because it fills the gap that his politics leaves so fully de-humanized..."
There is even a couple of comments on the same thread from Suzanne Moore herself!

Addition 14-04-09:

Richard Dawkins got a chance to respond to Blair's gibberish and fucking pw3nd him! Richard rules. This in no way makes up for the travesty the NS committed giving a podium to this prime prick of a war criminal. I said as much in the comments.

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