Monday, March 02, 2009

Labour and the Grauniad


Why does the Graun persist in publishing blatant propaganda by Labour oiks? There has been a series of implausible commentaries published in CiF over the last few weeks- I mean far more than ususal. We have had Jack Straw explaining how we are all mistaken to see a police state in the UK in the 21st century and that Labour have actually expanded freedoms and civil liberties throughout their reign. We have had Hazel Blears trying to defend her overt lack of principle from George's wonderfully evidence-based onslaught. We have even been graced with first-hand experience of the Prime Minister's own, deranged world-view, in which bankers really haven't been handed multi-billion pound hand outs while the real economy slides into the toilet and unemployment soars. Today, and in a similar vein, we have some prick called Stephen Beer, claiming exactly the same thing as the Prime Minister did- and rightly getting exactly the same incredulous response from the Graun commentariat.

What I want to know is when will CiF provide the same number of column inches to members of other political parties to share their solutions to the national debacle. We could have Nick Griffin blaming it all on the immigrunts or Nick Clegg rightly blaming it all on, well, anyone but him. We could even have Caroline Lucas come and tell us its all the product of the capitalist-fundamentalist, fuckyounomic ideology. Don't hold your breath for it though.


  1. At least they give space for Charlie Brooker to give them what for

  2. Innit.

    ". . . more and more of us are pulling the dreampipes from the back of our skulls, undergoing a negative epiphany; blinking into the cold light of day"

    That's some primo shit right there.


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