Sunday, March 29, 2009

its not as if the US weren't warned about the broader implications of fuckyounomics


From the Chateau du Awesome called Boing Boing. Its just so damning that it took a mere 8 years for the fuckyounnomic system to implode under its own sociopathy when the laws which had kept fuckyounomics at bay since the Great Depression were torn up.

Noam knew all about it too, remember?


  1. You may not agree with a lot of what this says, but if this is correct, fuyckyounomics may be going critical any time soon.

    AIG could bring the whole thing down.

  2. Jesus fucking Buddha. I'm no financial genius but from the sounds of that- and it looks pretty authoritative- AIG is proper fucked.

    I'm moving to Fiji.


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