Saturday, March 21, 2009

Israsel's use of flechette shells in Gaza


Flechette shells are utterly indiscriminate. Imagine being in a hurricane, hail pelting your skin. Then increase the speed of the flying shards of ice by an order of magnitude, until they are travelling with explosive force, and replace them with steel darts designed to tear and lacerate your flesh. That's a flechette weapon.

Israel fired these things repeatedly into areas crowded with people. Even in areas where militants may have been active, as Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth, the use of such weapons is psychotic in the extreme as the likelihood of civilians being hit is so high. As with Israel's indiscriminate bombing of Lebanon, this failure to distinguish legitimate targets from civilians is a war crime.

From In Gaza.


In a staggering example of the Israeli Defence Force's dehumanisation of the Palestinians there is an article on Haaretz today detailing how a t-shirt printing business is booming with requests from IDF soldiers for clothing adorned with incredibly offensive images and illustrations. One such example is mnodelled below by an IDF soldier and depicts a pregnant woman in a Burka, captured within a sniper's crosshairs centered upon her pregnant belly. Below the image is the legend "1 shot, 2 kills":

A solider interviewed about the designs commented:
"There are people who think it's not right, and I think so as well, but it doesn't really mean anything. I mean it's not like someone is gonna go and shoot a pregnant woman."
Well, no, despite these actions I imagine even the monsters of the IDF would think twice before executing a pregnant woman with a single bullet. That doesn't mean that Israel is not responsible for the deaths of many pregnant women and their babies. So what's the difference?


Oh . . . actually:
"One Israeli Defence Force squad leader says of the orders he was given to target civilians: “I call it murder”. As he put it: “In the end the directive was to go into a house, switch on loudspeakers and tell them ‘you have five minutes to run away and whoever doesn’t will be killed.’” In a densely-crowded civilian city, there are all sorts of people who cannot run away: the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant, the terrified. This soldier was told to kill them."


  1. I know I might be accused of being emotive when I say this but WTF, this is disgusting and beyond contempt.

  2. Disgust is an appropriate word to use in this case.

    Nothing wrong with humans having feelings- quite the opposite. Strong emotions provide the primordial stimulus that drives us to investigate cause. And hopefully prevent it reoccurring.


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