Wednesday, March 25, 2009

George on 'Greens', science and alternative medicine


George rules.

A classic example of how "Greens" can on the one hand be dedicated environmentalists, yet on the other support the most outrageously unsubstantiated quackery: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Councillor Philip Booth!

Link to previous rantage.


  1. what a fucking cock! The thickery that is envoloping our nation makes me despair

    anyway, nice spot.

    hopefully he'll read a GSCE Biology textbook, get savaged by some common sense and the cunt will recant

    hope that was sweary enough, my good man?

    carry on

  2. by the way

    the previous rantage you refer too is pure gold

    wonder where old Weggis went too?

  3. One day I will travel to a Green Party conference. I have resisted so far because I know I will experience it as a rampant exhibition of ignorance and post-modernism. When I am there I will track down Councillor Booth and surreptitiously dip my knob in his drink. And justice Will Be Done.



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