Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brendan O'Neill is a habitual liar


My comment on his latest pack of lies to be published by CiF:

"Brendan O'Neill's analysis is, as usual, utterly divorced from reality. His accusations of neo-imperialism are based on the premise that environmentalists wish to deny Indians the same things they enjoy. This is clearly rubbish as environmentalism is an egalitarian and progressive philosophy that aims to lower carbon emissions by the imposition of just limits. All of the cutting edge environmental literature advocates vastly greater cuts in Western nations than in the developing world- particularly the US and UK- due to our enormous historic emissions legacy. Likewise, the UNEP call for massive technology transfers to the developing world to help them achieve development whilst cutting carbon emissions. Any one who is the least familiar with serious environmentalism is familiar with these proposals. O’Neill clearly isn’t and, therefore, shouldn’t be given a podium from which to mis-represent it.

I don’t need to address the implications of runaway climate change for the developing world because PaulHalsall has highlighted that aspect of O’Neill’s utter ignorance very poignantly.

Likewise with Bluecloud’s revelation that O’Neill misrepresented the Greenpeace study he mentions, presenting it as if its conclusions were somehow endorsing Western excess but condemning the same in India, when it actually did the opposite.

This man is a habitual liar. His work is at best irrelevant and at worst an obstacle to progress. Shame on CiF for publishing it!"

Brendan O'Neill is a pig-ignorant fuckstick.


  1. He's not ignorant. He's a polemicist. He's fighting the good fight against anti-enlightenment green philosophy. Factories good, hippies bad. Or something. I still can't tell if he is for real or just attention seeking - maybe some fucked up combination of the two.

  2. Oh Brendan's very much for real. He hasn't managed to get his work repeatedly published on CiF for shits and giggles. Add to that his role in the insane headfuck that is Spiked (search this blog for more) and you see that, not only does he have some sort of serious axe to grind, but he is also doing so with a complete lack of any understanding of the threats we face to our way of life. Raging against any attempt to combat climate change is the first and most obvious example of his sociopathy. Society is going to be fucked by climate change. Millions will die and our economic system will likely collapse under the burden of climate refugeees and major degradation of the valuable services provided for free by the ecosystem. If you don't understand the consequences of climate change then you have no place commenting in the actions of those who do.


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