Thursday, February 05, 2009

the politics of UK climate change denial . . .


. . . and other causes of misanthropy.

Merrick rules. He is seriously, powerfully awesome. I also perceive the words of a new misanthropic principle in the text of his polemic: Number Five can be entitled "Climate change denial is a direct product of pseudo-democracy".

"The politicians have no excuse. There is the famous Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a huge United Nations organisation collating information from thousands of scientists around the world. They produce a vast and scientifically rigorous report. There is then a concise 22 page version called Summary For Policymakers. There is, then, no justification for any of these policymakers to be ignorant of the facts or to delay the actions those facts demand.

These people know the science as well as any of us. They know what they’re saying is flawed. They are intelligent and have been debating for years. They are not primarily concerned with finding the truth or being responsible, their main aim is to defend their established position irrespective of what the science or the welfare of the electorate require."

In the absence of democratic control of the government, as is the case in this country, vested interests with sufficient money to purchase influence will dictate policy. This results in fiscal and political environments that favour those interests. If you want to know who they are, look at who has directly benefited the most from the Thatcherite/Nu Labour dichotomy.

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