Thursday, February 26, 2009

more bare-faced lies


Punkscience signed up to a petition on the Downing Street website:
“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign due to gross financial incompetence in running the British economy.”
Sound reasonable, yesno?

Well, the response has now been posted. Sadly, Gordon Brown has not acquiesced to our perfectly reasonable demands, but his lackeys have seized on this opportunity to add insult to injury by claiming that the government has created:
"an extra £3 billion investment in projects that will protect and create jobs".
Odd how Jonathon Porritt, in a recent discussion of the Green New Deals being pushed into action by governments around the world, observed that:
"In the Pre-Budget Report (when £12.5 billion was given away on VAT), Alistair Darling announced around £3 billion on 'brought-forward' investment, £500 million of which carries some kind of green tag, and about £150 million of which could be seen as new money."
So we see the government simply rebranding existing spending plans as "an extra £3 billion investment". It may help that this spending is brought forward in time but its very, very different to that £3 billion being for new projects- as opposed to rescheduled ones.

The UK government is shit.

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