Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I really hope Hazel Blears cries herself to sleep tonight


After what George just did to her massively inflated ego I imagine she no longer suffers from any delusions of grandeur about her role in this government.

Fucking WORD.


  1. I realise that reading and understanding are two mutually incompatible tasks for you to master but when you commented on 'Ratty's' site that *he* had been banned by *me*, it was actually the other way round, which is why I cannot correct your misunderstanding there. I never ban anyone, even you, although I will prune the more excessive obscenties.

  2. (3rd time lucky on this attempt at a reply with sufficient vitriol.)

    Duff, take your rape fantasies and fuck off, you racist cunt. I hope your hemorrhoids get infected.

    (Yeah. That will do it.)


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