Monday, February 23, 2009

The Guardian pumps out more police propaganda


In their third piece of bullshit reporting in less than 6 months the Graun has an article up with the subhead "Middle-class anger at economic crisis could erupt into violence on streets". The article is based on an interview with a senior police oik who says that:

"middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year"
This is all well and good and I, for one, will be out there, engaging in my legitimate right to peaceful protest against the collective iniquities of the current bunch of cunts in Westminster and their nepotistic cloud of lackeys. Superintendent David Hartshorn does not stop at merely warning that people will be engaging in political activism for once in their disenfrachised lives. No, he goes on to warn that activists are intent on formenting "public disorder". Well, yes. Surely that's the point of protests?

But it seems that its the Graun hack- one Paul Lewis- who then ices the cake by pointing out that this warning:
"comes in the wake of often violent protests against the handling of the economy across Europe."
Lewis's neat bundling together of examples of peaceful protest, such as the French ones, obstructionism by Greek farmers and clashes with police at a demonstration in Iceland intimates that they are one and the same things- which they are clearly not. Non-violent protests against the fuckyounomic implosion have been held across Europe, and rightly so. The architects of the crisis (the legislators) are the very people meant to be preventing us from the excesses and iniquities of big business. Whilst I clearly sympathise with activists such as those responsible for the Greek protests I cannot endorse violence. These are three quite distinct examples of activism ranging across the spectrum of political acceptability and to imply that they are somehow equivalent is utter hogwash. The fact remains that peaceful protest is still legal (barely). Activists who seek to break the law for the purposes of generating publicity are generally aware of the consequences of their actions and must be prepared to be prosecuted for them. Those who seek harm to others are utterly misguided in their morals (animal rights activists!) and generally not worth the oxygen they consume. Paul Lewis ought to be strung up by his thumbs for a few hours for publishing this scaremongering shite.

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