Saturday, February 21, 2009

GM genes found in wild corn in Mexico


This story is remarkable in several ways. Most obviously that, as many GM campaigners observe, plant transgenes can be passed to wild kindred. This is now utterly incontrovertible. But also because of the ugly prospect of the biotech companies deploying their whordes of lawyers, as they have done in the rest of North America, to sue the unfortunates whose crops might be similarly contaminated. What is most distressing is that the scientists driving this technology out into the fields, apparently without any serious consideration of the consequences, have also engineered the retraction of published evidence in one of the world's preeminent scientific publications. Of course, the biotech industry- as with all corporate lobbies- are notorious for their disregard for humanity. The film The World According to Monsanto covered this subject in considerable detail and I urge anyone reading this to watch it (its free!).

GM sucks ass.

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