Monday, February 16, 2009

George Monbiot is manifestly awesome . . .


. . . because his work makes scum like Blunkett reveal the true depth of their bitter sociopathy:

"There was a time when this newspaper stood out against the deeply personalised, offensive and ill-informed journalism which was ascribed to tabloid publications.

George Monbiot's scurrilous, unjustified and pathetically spiteful diatribe against Hazel Blears is the kind of lowest form of journalism that is dragging this country into the gutter. What has happened to the standards of journalism, the informed and researched commentary, on which the Guardian once proudly built its name?"
David Blunkett MP
Lab, Sheffield, Brightside

Monbiot deploys evidence and rational argument to assail Blears' voting record and demonstrate that she is a hypocrite and borderline demagogue. So how, David Blunkett, does that comprise a "scurrilous, unjustified and pathetically spiteful diatribe"?

I declare that Blunkett is as much of a sociopathic cockweasel as Blears.

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