Saturday, February 28, 2009

cheap flights to Ireland with a bunch of complete cunts


From Monsieur Vowl comes this stunning piece of PR, product of the legendary model of corporate sociopathy developed by world-class gobshite, Michael O'Leary. I've only flown with Ryanair once and the entire experience was so sordid and offensive that I swear I will never, ever repeat it. Advertisements on every flat surface in sight, advertisements played at you on televisions that you can't ignore, flight attendants trying to sell you things and now, now, they expect you to pay to use the fucking toilet ! ? ? !

Anyway, bloggers of the world UNITE! Join with us in showering this bunch of goat-felching retards with the abuse they so rightly deserve!


  1. what the fuck?

    do you expect a fucking medal for flying Ryanair and then being good enough to inform me that they're cunts?

    I might have worked that one out for myself - one thing the middle classes never give you credit for. Twat.

  2. What a bizarre comment. Not sure why you bothered at all.

  3. I wish i could visit Lasvegas right now i have booked flights to Islamabad from Heathrow to meet my family next year i will plan for it.


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