Sunday, January 25, 2009

why does Nick Cohen keep referring to the Labour government as "left-wing"?


Because he is:
  1. Stupid.
  2. Ignorant.
  3. Deluded.
  4. Malevolently deceitful.
  5. Constantly drunk.
To be fair to Cohen, he actually writes "the paradox of the 1997 Labour government was that it was at once a left- and a right-wing administration". So what he should have written was that it was a CENTRIST administration. But straight after this one token brush with reality he's straight back to form ranting about how "the left in power went along with a lawless market" and "the political left was living off the proceeds of loose financial morals". If he wanted to describe the 1997 government accurately he would have called it centre-right and would then have pointed out that, as time progressed, the party fully embraced its free-market, authoritarian credentials to become an overtly right-wing administration.

But no. Nick can't bring himself to face reality and admit that the Labour Party of the UK now has very few genuinely socialist elements to its policy and those it does have are mere redwash to convince the broader electorate that- despite appearances- the party really is working with their best interests at heart, in the face of a challenging socio-political environment.

Some evidence in support of my assertion- "the elephant in the room"- courtesy of the Political Compass:

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