Friday, January 09, 2009

this really is utterly dumbfounding


  1. The Sun posts front page story of "Muslim fanatics drawing up a 'hit list' of prominent UK Jews", as unearthed by an "anti-terrorist expert"- one Glen Jenvey- through a thread on a Muslim open forum.
  2. The Sun - Tabloid Lies blog looks into the forum and finds that the "hit list" is actually a proposed, polite letter-writing campaign to protest at the Gazan genocide and that the only person agitating for direct action (specifically direct protests, not violence) is actually a sockpuppet from an identity posting as 'Abuislam'.
  3. Tim Ireland then unearthed evidence to show pretty conclusively that the sockpuppet was almost certainly the same person- or acting on behalf of- The Sun's "anti-terror expert" quoted as the source of the article in the first place!
You could not make this shit up. Glen Jenvey really is a very sick man, as the Bloggerheads comments show. There's more about this fantasist on the Vigil Exposed blog, which a brave soul called Joanna Emery has set up to track and expose the activities of this bag of mixed fruit & nuts and his lover and fellow terrorist-fighting, super-spy fantasist Dominic Whiteman. More bizarrely still is that Whiteman is somehow connected with Tory MP Patrick Mercer as some sort of security or anti-terrorism advisor and has even appeared on BBC television as such. Utterly, utterly insane!


Anton Vowl is equally dismayed.

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