Monday, January 19, 2009

this is so, so wrong


Via ChickYog and Liberal Conspiracy: The government's recent take-down on the age-old tradition of an Englishman's home being his castle resulted in the death of a 78 year old man who was bullied into withdrawing £360 from a cash point . A bailiff had threatened to return with a van and a locksmith- as he is know legally entitled to do- if Andy Miller refused to pay the £60 speeding fine and £300 costs. The victim of this thuggery suffered a heart attack and died before he could pay the thug off. He had been out of hospital after a previous heart attack for just two weeks.

In other news, the government are set to throw further untold billions of pounds at the high street banks so that they can continue to pay people who are already fantastically rich tens of millions of pounds for destroying the global economy.

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