Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Seth Freedman reminds us why we still shouldn't support Hamas


Despite the Gazan genocide Seth lays out why those protesting against it should not be carrying Hamas or Hezbollah flags. Its one point that I agree on with the racist, murderous scum at Harry's Place.

"Hamas don't have to fire rockets at Israeli schools and homes. And, even if they choose to do so, they don't have to base their launch pads inside their own civilian centres, intentionally putting their own wives and children in harm's way on a daily basis. But they do, and the same protesters so virulently opposed to every facet of Israel's cruel campaign refuse to raise a murmur of protest, lest anyone should think that by doing so they are taking the enemy's side."


Merrick links to a couple of blogs that vividly relate the utter horror of life in Gaza at the moment.


Sunny Hundal adds to Seth's argument.

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