Tuesday, January 20, 2009

punkscience resigns from his union


Just over six months after joining Unite I have resigned my membership of the union in protest at their support for the third runway at Heathrow. I intend to find a smaller, less sociopathic union to represent my interests.


  1. Derek Simpson is a cheesy cock eating pygmy fucker. I left the union years ago when it was BIFU after I realised it was administered by a bunch of corrupt bastards. Nothing has changed, judging by Simpsons' profiteering off the backs of workers to get a house for life. He's no better than the corporate fat cats he pretends to abhor.

  2. Too freakin' right! (And cider down the nose for "cheesy cock eating pygmy").

    Are you with a union now?

  3. No, my employers only recognise Unite/Amicus. Doesn't stop me being an awkward twat though. The union recruiters leave me alone now after I chewed one of them out last year over the union's support for nuclear and airport expansion, as well as being led by a spiv.

  4. Strong work, blood! Kick that shower of cockweasels where it hurts!

    I didn't know you had to have your union "recognised" by your employer. Why so?

    My union rep is one of the technical managers at uni and has helped me out loads (before I joined too) so I don't want to get in her face. I had an exchange with some green party bods and they say there isn't a single union affiliated with the GP. I think this is nuts after the Nu Labour debacle. Shame I haven't the nuts to engage with the union bods at uni because I'd like to think it would be fertile ground to nurture some green thinking.


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