Saturday, January 10, 2009

petition your government to enact sanctions against Israel


The 10 Downing Street e-petition is here. Its naive, I know, considering that UK representatives to the UN security council have been instructed to offer "tacit support" to United States' efforts to block a ceasefire.But what else can you do. (I suppose I could go to Gaza as a humanitarian volunteer but I'm not going to delude myself over the efficacy of that action towards the establishment of a ceasefire).

Naomi Klein lays out the case for sanctions.


  1. look, you're not a punk.

    you're a spoilt middle class mummy's boy with a shite taste in music, who can't make it in the real world.

    so stop your jew-hating shit and realise what the fuck is really going on. Try Khalid Mishal of Hamas for a start and some of his speeches - he's a nice chap. And look at all the swastikas on the demo today etc. Of course, it's not 'right' what's happening over there but come on, wise up!

  2. Thank you for validating my convictions, you cockweasel.

    Khalid Mishal is a genocidal bitch and so are you. The question is, who is worse?

  3. After my midnight rebuttal of your abuse I've come back to see it in the raw light of day. I'm struck by the complete absence of any argument. Did you imagine that I would simply fall over and renounce my condemnation of Israel? Or did you hope I'd read your harsh words, have a little cry, reevaluate my life and move back home to work in a call center, leaving the internet behind me for ever? I doubt it.

    Therefore you have just engaged in drive-by abuse, with all the hopes for success implicit in that tactic.

    As for Khaled Mishal, are we talking about the same guy who declared that Hamas would end the armed struggle against Israel if Israel recognized the pre-1967 borders, withdrew from all Palestinian occupied territories (including the West Bank and East Jerusalem) and recognized Palestinian rights which would include the "right of return"? If we are I don't see that that's an at all unreasonable set of demands in return for peace. Do you?

  4. "I suppose I could go to Gaza as a humanitarian volunteer"

    What a corking idea - go on, please, give it a try.

  5. Why do you think its such a good idea, Duff?

  6. This is just . . .awesome: David Duff is stuck for words.


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