Monday, January 26, 2009

Labour's climate change denial


Damning comments in the press today from the Labour's ex-environment minister and climate change envoy- Elliot Morley:

"many of the financial packages put forward by governments so far including Britain's [are] not environmentally sustainable"

Ken Livingstone is similarly dismayed with Labour environment policy, observing that:

"after 11 years in government, nothing has been done to create an alternative energy market"

Final condemnation of the Labour environment policy comes from officials of their own Department for Energy and Climate Change:

"There needs to be more focus on the deployment of renewables rather than just talking policy and issuing papers - and there needs to be a wider membership."
(emphasis is mine)
Yes, after calling for broader involvement in a pioneering institution dedicated to developing and installing renewable generation capacity, DECC officials went on to state that the UK would not be joining the new movement. Hypocrisy, thy name is Labour.

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