Friday, January 16, 2009

Labour slips into deeper ignominy than usual


The third runway approval has been broadly shat on by the glorious boys of the NEF (yes, they of the Green New Deal) with accusations of "fantasy economics". A former head of the armed forces, backed by two retired genererals, called the government's plans to replace Trident "completely useless" and " a waste of money". And in a glorious spat between two of the forces for evil and darkness in the country today, we have arch-corporate whore and ex-head of the CBI, Digby-Jones, effectively saying that half the civil service should be sacked for incompetence with a predictably vicious, low-blow in rebuttal from union head:

"Rather than making ill-informed comments, Lord Jones should remember the billions being wasted on private sector consultants and the billions lost through botched privatisations,"
I had a fleeting fantasy of dressing them both as gladiators and filming the resultant tiff for public broadcast. I can't think of anything better for these wastes of oxygen to do- they're certainly not needed in their current positions.

As for the third runway at Heathrow, there's not much I can really say on the issue that hasn't been said before in the run up to the decision. The arguments against the 3rd runway are clear and based in reality. The arguments for are based on a "business-as-usual" continuation of the gorwth-at-any-cost paradigm which has seen the world economy near collapse, massive fiscal inequality and injustice and environmental degradation on a scale never before seen. Sorry, Pete, I wish I could summon the vitriol to swear at Milliband's utter obeisance to the corporate bottom line to the exclusion of everything else in this government but we all knew it was going to happen. Only thing left to do, when reason fails, is to FIGHT!

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