Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israeli munitions will cause cancer in hundreds of Gazan survivors


Back in 2006 I blogged about a new mystery weapon the Israeli Defense Force was deploying in Gaza that left mysteriously deep, cauterised injuries and no shrapnel. Well its now clear that its this stuff: Dense Inert Metal Explosive. And they're still using it today. The appalling thing is that the US has tested this stuff extensively and found:

"These alloys were found to cause neoplastic transformations of human osteoblast cells"
So they appear to have found an extra-economical method of killing Palestinians. Based upon the roughly four-to-one casualty to mortality rate they have inflicted: One dead Palestinian now from trauma and four dead later from cancer! Whilst simultaneously imposing a crippling future burden upon the already hopelessly inadequate medical services in Gaza.

The fucking cunts.


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