Monday, January 05, 2009

enabling the genocide


Harry's Place does what it does best. Supporting the murder of hundreds of innocents who belong to the "wrong" culture.

"Hamas’s hostile intentions towards Israel were not a secret when they were apparently, we are told, selected to lead in a transparent and democratic fashion by the people of Gaza. The conflict we are watching unfold is a consequence of that decision. Of all the voices calling for a ceasefire, the leadership of Gaza is not one of them. On the contrary, they are taunting the Israelis towards greater violence."
Yes, Hamas' refusal to seek compromise over the Israeli refusal to let them form a democratically elected government, eat or even survive is all their own pig-headed fault because there have just been so many chances for them to end it all by recognising Israel's right to exist. Who wants to have their own country recognised when you can just recognise another one instead, thereby dmaning yourself to second-class-citizen status and effectively divesting yourself of any chance of self-rule? Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for the Israelis for having to cope with such determinedly suicidal myopia.

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