Monday, January 12, 2009

David Milliband is a biased little shit



Between advocating regime change of a democratically elected government and branding Hamas "murderous" whilst making no direct condemnation of the conduct of the Israeli military, despite noting a figure of 250 dead children, he makes no comment whatsoever on the blatant collective punishment of the Gazans. Clearly Hamas do stupid things like targeting civilians. The Israelis do too but unlike Hamas, without any clear reason for doing so, and without the arguably excoriating circumstances of being under total embargo. As the Gazans have chosen Hamas to represent them it is utterly disingenuous of anyone- the EU, the US or the UK and especially Israel- to refuse to communicate with them. The only way forward is through dialogue and diplomacy. At least Milliband has the two brain cells necessary to grasp the truth of that even if he's too fucking thick to grasp that neither side in the conflict will moderate their beastliness at this stage and therefore a neutral peacekeeping force is the only guaranteed solution.


As Rossinisbird points out, Milliband is continuing to establish his novel revisionist stance on recent events in world history by retracting any support for the "War on Terror".

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