Thursday, December 11, 2008

music, art and piracy


Jack Ely, a famous musician himself, vilifies the music industry for its assault upon free content. Jack rules. The music industry is full of cunts.


  1. Jack Ely of the Kingsmen you philistine fuckwit.

    Steve Albini famously summed up the music industry in this piece:

    nice blog - I learned some new words... clusterfuck being by far the best.

  2. Kingsmen? Never heard of them, either.

    And, alas and alack, Steve Albini will forever remain a mystery to me.

    But then, you have probably never heard of John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf. I don't think that makes you a "philistine fuckwit", it simply confirms a commonplace that none of us knows everything. However, you do appear to have a problem, 'Chimp', old boy!

  3. Thanks Problem chimp, glad to be of service to profanity.

    Duff- you know the drill. Drop dead.

  4. Karl Suessdorf is my dad

    and you heard the man... fuck off!


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