Monday, December 15, 2008

Department of Work and Pensions employee:


‘I work in “Welfare to Work.” Work is only a way out of poverty when there’s work and it pays a living wage. The best way out of poverty in the long term is training so you can get better work. I see people day in, day out who are claiming incapacity benefit or income support. Out of the 50 odd people on my caseload 2 are “playing the system,” the rest are people who are either unquestionably far far too ill to work or people who have been disenfranchised by their illness and by the consequences of the UK’s changing labour market. And the government expects me to get 6 of those people into work each month. In a recession. It’s crazy.
We don’t need more blame for the working class. We need proper education for everyone and a society that actually values people’s work with a living wage for everyone.
From Liberal Conspiracy.

The government's welfare reforms legislate for corporate manorialism. After decades spent trying to punish people for not wanting to work in mind-numbing boredom and for poverty wages they have finally made the absurd decision to effectively criminalise pride.

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