Thursday, December 04, 2008

the absence of schadenfreude


Bankers. Its all their fault. But I can't revel in the latest news of massive redundancies across the sector because the people who are losing their jobs will absolutely not be the ones who are responsible for the economic crisis. They will be the lowest ranks and junior managers. The disposable elements, if you like. Yes, maybe they are still cunts who wanted to profit from other people's industry but that doesn't make them any more responsible than an Inland Revenue employee or a Parking Warden. Its the scum at the top that need to have their bonuses rescinded, be removed from their positions and banned from holding directorships or senior positions in business ever again. Failure should not be ignored and it certainly shouldn't be rewarded.

"Meanwhile, Tom Logan, an overdraft holder from Peterborough, said: "By all means please do stop me if I'm being a total and utter fuckwit, but if we control the banks and we know what the banks are supposed to do, why can't we just tell them to do it?""

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