Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more energy insight


Following on from Friday's installment from Greenpeace we have another profoundly informative document from Corporate Watch. Their report, titled Technofixes, details the ineffectiveness of the techno-fixes being pushed by the corporations and their vested interests. But, detailed and hard-hitting as that section of the report is, that's not its greatest merit. The greatest insights flow from the section that deals with the sociopathy associated with this techno-centric approach and the economic absurdity of the UK, and other government's funding policy. Such policy inevitably allocates funds to research projects generated by the corporations themselves, in order to enrich themselves and to circumvent the emergence of any meaningful competition to their pleasantly profitable status quo. You really should read the report. I hope they've sent copies to every MP.

A misanthropic aside: I had a funny thought when writing that last sentence, as I searched my mind of who else might be swayed by receiving a copy of this report. I couldn't imagine anyone who wouldn't be either indifferent (MPs) or outright hostile to it (most corporations). Then I thought of one person who might be very interested: Documentary producers. This report contains the perfect subject material for an Adam Curtis film. Maybe someone should suggest that to the Corporate Watch massive . . . ?

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