Monday, November 10, 2008

is this the stupidest article The Guardian has ever published?


Yes, this. In light of these CiF pieces (one, two) published a few months previously, one of which contained the memorable quote:

"The word 'eco-terrorism' is an insult to the human victims of real terrorism"

They then go and plaster that headline across their website.

See? Fucking ridiculous.


Merrick picked this up and wrote two good posts on it. One at Bristling Badger and the other at UK Watch. Checkit!

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  1. It boiled my piss too. This smells of the security services, reminiscent of the secret war against the miners, when MI5 led the press by the nose.

    Similar stuff has been going on the USA with the FBI carrying out a media war against green groups and making noises about terrible attacks to come.

    This shit is pure fantasy, on the scale of WMD.

    Now it seems the Guardian has a pair of fuckwit MI5 stooges.


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