Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cornish independence


Peter Tatchell has a CiF piece on Cornish independence and why the Cornish should be allowed to identify themselves as a national minority, like the Welsh and Scots. Devolution has worked staggeringly well in both of those nations with Westminster's rule-by-diktak being rightly humbled in areas such as education and defence. So why not Kernow?

This creeping devolution represents a potent route to a velvet revolution against the centralised, old-school-corporate-whores of Westminster.


Splendid follow-up to Tatchell's article with some level-headed criticism of Peter's attempt and some insight in the comments. The long and the short of which is that the people of Kernow want their own regional assembly. The Lib-Dems currently rule the region politically on a platform of delivering such but have failed to produce anything. Politicians failing . . . . hmmmmmm, how odd!

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