Sunday, October 19, 2008

US election hoo-ha


Big noises in the blogosphere about coordinated republican efforts to constructively disenfrachise democrat voters. Chicken Yoghurt bigged it up.

My problem is that, even though I would clearly advocate a democrat government over a republican one, its like asking me whether I would prefer a Labour or Tory government here. Clearly, I would say "Labour" but then if you asked me whether I'd like to have my arm ripped off or my balls smashed between two bricks I'd have an answer for that as well. It doesn't mean that I actually want either of those events to occur. Politics in the US, as in the UK, is so devoid of substance that I haven't heard climate change discussed once in the last 12 months of news coverage of the race for the presidency. I posted several times more than a year ago , explaining which of the presidential candidates I supported. Things haven't changed- if they had I would have said so. For all you people who see Obama as the new messiah of peace and social justice, here's a quote from nearly two years ago:

"Obama is being packaged as a peace candidate, even though he has voted for every increase in spending for the Iraq War."

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