Friday, September 19, 2008

when hacking isn't hacking


So the Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin had her yahoo mail accessed by a group called Anonymous who posted some content on Wikileaks. Most media reports have referred to this as a hacking incident. According to the Guardian, someone guessed Palin's password. My problem is this: How can guessing someone's password constitute hacking? The woman's clearly an idiot for having an easily guessable password. The point of having a password is that it allows only the holder to access information. She's been caught with her pants down, shitting all over the electorate by trying to circumvent legitimate freedom of information laws by using a private email account for government business (I bet the government email system has controls for password quality to avoid such situations). Revealing this sort of devious behaviour is what activist groups and websites like Wikileaks exist for. Why the FBI are involved in persuing the activists eludes me. They should be investigating Palin for misgovernment.

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