Monday, September 22, 2008

this is WELL funny


Little wonder, then, that the mental right wing has reacted like the citizens of Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles.

I've long envisaged Obama's inauguration playing out like the scene where the black Sheriff arrives in the town: Obama, stood before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the USA, affirming his oath of office, surrounded by 5 star Generals, Admirals, Senators etc. when suddenly, from the assembled crowd comes the cry 'The President is a nigger!'.

The Chief Justice, puzzled, pauses in mid-oath, squints and peers closely at Obama before exclaiming: 'My God, he's right! The President is a nigger!' Washington's finest proceed to whip out guns and point them at Obama, who has to whip out his own gun, hold it to his head and back away toward the Oval Office with the words 'Nobody move or the nigger gets it!' Whereupon he discovers Gene Wilder propping up the drinks cabinet.

Together, they will defeat America's enemies by building a fake America for them to attack.

Mel Brooks, as the Governor in that movie, managed to parody George Bush Jnr. even before he became Governor of Texas. 'These things are defective'.

- This is from the comments on a post from Flying Rodent. You have to read it. Its poetry.

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