Friday, September 05, 2008

drunken reactionary bullshit


The economic crunch is here and apparently we are all suffering.

Well, shit. I can still pay my rent. I can still afford a bottle of Buckfast to add zest to my nights out. I still have a roof over my head. I still have a job and a union, I still get my food from shitty supermarkets at cheap prices. I still pay my council tax.

Where is this so called "recession"? Because I don't see my country slipping into the "developing" bracket. I think its all a bag of shit to try and perpetuate policies that promote the 'economic' growth of the last two decades that has resulted in the ultimate degradation of the ecosystem servies that sustain us as a species. If you want this to continue then you will vote for the three Grey Parties. If you want to perpetuate our way of life and our civilisation whilst preserving the diversity and services of our ecosystem then you will vote Green. The Green Party proposes policies that will ultimately allow us to grow old and rich together in a world of equality and beauty. Its really that simple. The Grey Parties will have us on our knees, facing creeping environmental collapse within a decade. Wait and see. Or not, if you have any sense.

Remember: Drinking Buckfast Tonic Wine is infitely superior to buggering choir boys. Religious freaks- TAKE NOTE!


  1. I have to confess its not my own. I picked it up from other Green blogs.


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