Friday, August 01, 2008

UK's claims of leadership on emissions "simply a big lie"


Yeah, George did the maths and blew the cover on this recently. Seems some other people have caught on too.

An interesting point is made that emissions should not be assigned to the nations in which they are produced. Instead emissions should be assigned to the nations which consume the goods produced- "emissions at the point of consumption". This is essential to police the 'exporting' of carbon emissions to China and India, which is exactly the trick the UK has pulled.

This passage from the author of the two reports that revealed this accounting trickery:

"Holding China and India responsible for emissions from manufactured goods they sell to us is going to prove very hard to negotiate.

"It would be much easier to base any future deal on emissions at the point of consumption. That feeds into the equity debate in which poor countries will be allowed to increase their CO2.

"It's at the very least misleading for the UK government to claim reductions while we export our emissions. This is a problem no government wants to face.

"In emissions terms, we are constantly battling against increases of wealth. Every year, we don't even manage to improve our energy efficiency to keep up with wealth increases, let alone to cut emissions.

"There's a very fundamental problem here that no-one really wants to talk about."

The UK government and administration- because you can't blame this solely on the politicians- are a bunch of dirty, climate change denying cockweasels.

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