Wednesday, August 06, 2008

people are stupid


New research, reported in The Guardian today, found that public support for gender equality is waning as opinion turns against working mothers. What the fuck this has to do with gender equality I do not know! The point to be made here is that children need a parent's company in their formative years, whether that be a mother or father. I will try and find evidence of this because its such complete bullshit that this should affect people's perception of gender equality, which is has implications for far more than parenthood alone. The bigotry and subtle discrimination in the language used in this article is appalling. If I become a father I damn well hope to get some paternity leave and would happily put my career on hold to spend my days playing with kids- imagine the fun!

I have to break off from my rant and observe that other results from the research don't actually suggest we are moving back to an 18th century view of women as baby machines and housewives. However from certain lines of the text it is clear that opinion leans towards the current employment market clashing with the duties of motherhood and housekeeping. My simple solution to this is for men to pull their fingers out. I am now being grossly hypocritical (punkwiff would be going purple right now if she were reading this) as I loath washing up and have a very lackadaisical approach to housework but that is my culture. I would like to challenge the 'Cillit Bang' view of life as a house full of disinfected surfaces and gleaming plastic and return to one of grubby wooden floorboards, piles of clutter and sinks full of washing up. If I am left in charge of things I wash up once every few days. I would like to note that I have never cleaned a bath in my life. Is this a bad thing?


Theresa May rules, as long as you ignore the last paragraph. Fucking Tory scum.

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